Symptoms And Signs of Hypertension

There are many signs and symptoms which are associated with high blood pressure. You should seek medical care whenever these signs appear. Some of the signs which require immediate medical attention include severe abdominal pain, sudden loss of speech or vision, stomach upset, and chest pain. This article is going to describe the major symptoms and signs which demand attention. The process of seeking medical attention will help you in maintaining a healthier life.

Weight loss

Any unexpected loss in weight could be an indication of an underlying health issue. If you happen to lose up to ten percent of your body weight in a period of six months, you should seek medical attention immediately. Some of the conditions which can make you lose weight include diabetes, overactive thyroid, liver disease, depression, cancer and other disorders which would interfere with the ability of the body to absorb nutrients.

High or persistent fever

A fever should not always make you worried. A fever can play a significant role in fighting the common infections. This means that you should be checked by a doctor whenever you have a high fever probably lasting for more than three days. Any persistent fever can be an indication of a hidden infection. It can result from tuberculosis or urinary tract infections. In some case, other conditions such as cancer can lead to persistent or prolonged fevers.


Shortness of breath

Sometimes you can experience a shortness of breath which is more severe than the one caused by a vigorous physical activity. You are advised to seek medical attention immediately whenever you are unable to breathe properly or when you are wheezing. Another health problem can also cause any shortness of breath. You should also be evaluated promptly when you feel breathless when resting or lying down.

Personality changes or confusion

  • It is advisable to seek medical attention when you have the following.
  • Confusion about place or time
  • Suddenly confused thinking
  • Sudden behavioural changes or personality- for instance being aggressive
  • Sudden problems with memory or concentration

There are many factors or problems which can lead to changes in thinking or behaviour. These problems include low blood sugar, infection, anaemia, mental health conditions or dehydration. Sometimes you can also have some medications contributing to personality changes or confusion.

Feeling full after taking a light meal

Sometimes you might feel full consistently even after eating less food. This feeling is referred to as early satiety. You should get checked when you experience this consistently. This condition can be accompanied by vomiting, fever, nausea, weight gain or loss, and bloat.…

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