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Choosing a patio umbrella

A patio umbrella can be a simple and effective solution for an outdoor space which lacks trees or shade. You should put a number of factors into consideration when buying the umbrella to get the most suitable one for your space. You can check the various options available from our website. Some of the top factors to consider are highlighted below.

Top factors to consider


You should consider the position where you will place the umbrella to help you decide which umbrella to purchase. The idea should be to get an umbrella which will provide shadow in the most effective way. There are two main ways for placing an umbrella, namely freestanding and through a table. For large outdoor spaces, freestanding umbrellas will be a better option. It can shade various patio furniture of any shape and size in accordance with your preferences. Through-table umbrellas are usually placed at the center of the patio to make a focal point of the outdoor space.


A stand or base refers to the support for the umbrella. It is advisable that you opt for a heavy-duty base which can withstand all weather conditions. The free-standing umbrellas will usually require a heavier base compared to the through-table umbrellas. This is because the table usually offers some support to the umbrella as well.


The size of the umbrella will determine the size of the area which will get shade. You can determine the size by simply measuring the diameter. Choose a size that will cover the chairs, table, and entire space that you want to be covered. Choose an umbrella which has a diameter of about five feet larger than the area you want to be covered.


wooden frame of umbrellaWooden and metal frames are the most common kinds. You can choose the frame based on the theme of your patio, ensuring that it will fit in. The metal frames usually use a crank lift or push-button tilts. They make it possible to tilt the umbrella in any direction or angle. The umbrellas with wooden frames have to be opened using a manual pulley method, and they cannot be rotated.

Material used

The canopy material used for the patio umbrella should be able to block the harmful sun rays. PVC, shade cloth, and canvas are the most popular materials used. PVC, in particular, can block a 100% of the UV light as well as survive any kind of weather. Canvas has the advantage of being very durable.