Car Care Tips

Transportation is one of the pivotal components of the people’s day to day lives. Many people will either use their vehicle of the public transport as means of transportation. Most of the people who do not have their vehicles have a dream of purchasing a vehicle at a given point in their lives.

Owning a car is the primary goal for many individuals. It is important to know how a car is maintained so that you can use it when it is in good condition. A car which is well maintained will help you in accomplishing your daily activities easily since it will not give you problems. This article is going to discuss the most effective car care tips from experts. Following these tips will help you in improving the service given by your vehicle.

Spark plug

Aforementioned is one of the essential components which play a vital role in the ignition system of a car. It is a part which cannot be seen easily since it is hidden in the engine. A worn out spark plug might cause some trouble when starting the car. Any worn out plug should be replaced. Replacing the plug is one of the useful maintenance tips that should be kept in mind.

Engine oil

The engine is considered as the vehicle’s heart. This part should be well-maintained. The service manual of the car will provide you with valuable information on how to maintain the engine and change its oil. Engine oil is meant for lubricating the moving parts and cooling the engine. The level of the engine oil is checked using a dipstick. This is an important device which will give you a good idea of the amount of oil present in the engine.

Car battery

The condition of the car’s battery should be checked to ensure that it has enough energy. This can be done by taking the battery to the mechanic for inspection. A multimeter is used in monitoring the amount of energy stored in the battery. You are advised to take you battery for checking one in a year.

Air filter

This is a device which is responsible for delivering an efficient flow of air thereby improving the performance of your engine. Any filter which is dirty should be replaced as this can significantly affect the performance of your car.

Tire pressure

The tires should always b filled with air. You are advised to read and follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer when refilling your tires with air. These recommendations are found on the stickers attached near the doors


A squeaky noise characterizes a faulty brake. The car’s brakes should always be in the best condition. They should be checked whenever you have an ill feeling about them.